Texas Astronomical Society- Astronomy club in Dallas,Texas.

Three Rivers Foundation for the Arts and Sciences - a private foundation promoting art and science education.  Operates the Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus near Crowell,Texas.

AllAboutAstro.com - a wonderful website by a good friend, Jay Ballauer.  Jay and I have spent countless nights imaging together and he helped me take my first CCD images.  Jay's website has some fantastic articles, beautiful images, and a hilarious blog so be sure to check it out.

VisualUniverse.org - Phil Jones is an accomplished astrophotographer whose images have been featured on NASA's AstroPhoto of the Day website and graced several astronomy magazines.  Phil also started a monthly star party in Frisco,TX and he's a lot of fun to be with.  Don't miss his splendid website!

Bucksnortobservatory.com -  John Davis joined the dark side in 2007 after being bitten by the astrophotography bug.  His kickass website, named after the  snorting deer who pass his observatory after dark, has some of the finest deep-sky and wide-field images found anywhere!  John is also the Oscar-nominated creator of Jimmy Neautron: Boy Genuis and of the hit movie Ant Bully.

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Images of our fascinating universe.

Caelum Observatory
- Adam Block's window to the universe. Adam offers an incredible imaging workshop held at Mt. Lemmon near Tuscon,AZ. He's a marvelous instructor and anyone taking the pilgrimage to see Adam atop Mt. Lemmon will not be disappointed. Breathtaking images.

Mano Prieto Observatory - A fine website by another Texan, Tom Harrison.  Tom and his wife Tex have an exquisite home and observatory under the dark skies of Ft. Davis,TX and near the famous McDonald Observatory.  Tom's galaxy images will leave your head spinning.